Who are we?

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out TravelYour20s.com! My name is Tyler and I am the founder of this site/blog. Keep reading for more details about my life and what I’m doing here.

So, as I was explaining above, my name is Tyler. I’m 24 years old and I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been an Florida native my entire life and have essentially seen all this state has to offer time and time again. 

I’ve been living in Orlando for about six years now, so I’ve gained quite the knowledge on the area and all of the touristy and non-touristy things there are to do here. I spent one long summer working at Walt Disney World (at Rock n’ Roller Coaster!) and nearly two years working attractions over at Universal Orlando. 

Outside of work and everyday life, I’m an avid traveler as well as a huge concert-goer. 

I’ll get around to adding more to my tale eventually, but for now, you’re left with this little snippet of information. Until then, I’m off to work intently on getting this site running 110% to help make your travels perfect!

Sedona, Arizona. Traveling at a young age

Why Travelyour20s?

Where do I want this site to go? What do I want it to cover? Why am I here?

I created TravelYour20s because I’ve always been passionate about traveling and I want to transform that passion into something I actually do full-time. Who wouldn’t want that? Keep reading to find a few of my goals for the future of this site!


  • Create a constantly growing database of travel guides
  • Help teach people how to successfully travel at a young age
  • Share my experiences with the world, so that people can learn from my mistakes