Best Travel-Based Takeaways from Today’s Apple Event

Apple Showtime - Travel Your 20s

This afternoon, Apple held their most recent announcement event unveiling several new changes to their current lineup. While this is always refreshing as a consumer, we wanted to see exactly how these changes affect us from a travel perspective. 

1. Apple News+

While at a glance, it may seem strange to think of Apple’s new, updated News+ program as something that could benefit your traveling, but there truly are some hidden benefits here. 

For a simple $9.99 a month, Apple News+ allows you to view countless numbers of magazines from a wide variety of big named publications. What this means for travelers is that for a simple $9.99/month subscription, you’ll be able to view countless numbers of incredible travel articles from publications such as National Geographic to plan out your next trip. There’s no pressure to continue your subscription after your month’s usage of planning, so it’s truly a simple and convenient tool for your next big trip!

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2. Apple Pay coming to Transit locations in America

One of the more obvious travel beneficial announcements from today’s event was that Apple Pay will now be available for use at transit locations in the following major cities:

  • Portland
  • New York City
  • Chicago
This is yet another useful tool that will allow you to travel quicker and more conveniently while you’re on the go. Whether you’ve forgotten your credit card in your hotel room or simply prefer the convenience of not taking out your wallet in the middle of a subway platform, this new update will be perfect for your next trip to these cities and we expect to see it expand to more and more cities in the upcoming years.

3. The Apple Card

This announcement was a bit of a surprise, but seems to have a ton of potential both in and out of the realms of travel. The main feature that intrigues us for traveling purposes is the safety features offered by this new card. The card is stored digitally on your phone, but you also receive a titanium credit card for places that do not currently take Apple Pay. This card is especially notable due to the fact that it has no card number, CVV security code, expiration date, or signature printed on it making it an extremely safe method of payment for travelers on the go who risk losing their cards in a foreign place. All of that information is simply stored within your Wallet app on your phone for your security.  

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4. Apple TV+

Apple TV+ was the big, defining announcement from today’s event and it surprisingly enough does benefit travelers on-the-go. The service offers new, original creative content from a wide range of huge entertainers such as Oprah, Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, and many many more. When traveling, you often struggle to keep up with your entertainment while on the road or in the skies due to internet restrictions. Apple TV+ mentioned today that their service allows downloading content for offline viewing meaning any endless amount of possibilities for keeping up with prime television shows while on road trips or taking lengthy flights. 

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